MXR M80 Bass Direct Box Review

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MXR M80 Bass Direct Box

Pedal Info

While huge, loud amplifier stacks look cool and are definitely part of the DNA of rock and roll, they're not entirely practical for most gigging musicians. Most working bass players tend to use small to medium size combos or, at most, a head and single cabinet. Many players even prefer going direct to save weight, space, and even time. There is no shortage of options when it comes to running a bass direct. Unfortunately, a good number of the choices are mediocre at best. One popular (and excellent) choice is the MXR M80 Bass DI+ Preamp and Distortion Pedal.

The MXR M80 Bass DI+ features a slew of controls to help shape your tone. The two-channel M80 has dedicated controls for Volume on the Clean channel along with a push-button for Color (preset EQ), and on the Distortion channel sports controls for Volume, Blend, Trigger, and Gain along with a push-button for the Noise Gate. The shared Controls are Bass, Mid, and Treble. There are separate switches for engaging the pedal and the distortion as well as XLR and parallel outputs. The M80 can be powered by a 9V battery, external adapter, or phantom power.

User Reviews

User reviews of the MXR M80 are overwhelmingly positive. Users praise the wide range of tones available with both the clean channel and distortion channel. Users also appreciate the dual channel approach for its versatility. There seem to be an equal number of players who use it as a direct box into a PA system and those who use it directly into an amplifier. The high level of EQ adjustment on the M80 is also another celebrated feature. In fact, the only complaint amongst users was the the power supply is not included. Other than that, the M80 is a top-rated Bass DI pedal.


Name of Gear: MXR M80 Bass Direct Box
List Price: $295.05
Street Price: $139.99
Manufacturer Info: Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc.;
Pros: Versatile; responsive EQ controls; dual channel design; affordable
Cons: None

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